Experienced Wheelman (Canal Division)

Pilot position summary: As a pilot, you are responsible for managing the vessel, the vessel's personnel and all barges in tow. You will be responsible for all crew members and their adherence to all United States Coast Guard regulations and company policies.
You will be expected to navigate the vessel in a safe manner and ensure safety rules are followed by everyone.
You will be reporting to the Captain of the vessel and the shoreside vessel operations group.
Applicant must hold a Master or Mate of Towing Vessels.
Basic Functions:
1. As a supervisor you will be responsible for training the crew on how to perform their job in a safe manor.
2. Safely Navigate in the Intercoastal canal and Mississippi river system. Radio Communications and Radar experience is required.
3. Supervise the daily maintenance and housekeeping of the vessel.
4. Supervise all barge transfers and fueling operations.
5. Follow all company policies.
6. Ensure vessel is in compliance with all environmental laws and United States Coast Guard regulations.
7. Will act as a company representative on a daily basis with customers at the dock.
8. Ensure engine room maintenance is kept up on a daily basis
9. In the event of an emergency will act as the on site coordinator until vessel operations arrive.
10. Pilot will be responsible for keeping up with daily logs while on watch.
QualificationsMust have valid TWIC.Must have valid MMC with Inland or Western Rivers endorsement. Minimum 3-5 years experience.Must have valid Radar endorsement.Must have valid Radio/FCC License.Must have a valid Drivers License.Must have a Social Security Card.Must have a State issued Birth Certificate.Must be 18 years of age.Must be a U. S. Citizen.Must be able to work 30 days away from home.Must be able to read and write English at a ninth grade level.Must have reliable transportation.Must be able to pass a drug and alcohol screen.Must not be color blind.Must be able to work outdoors in inclement weather.Must not have more than 2 moving driving violations in the last 3 years.Must not have a DWI or DUI in the last 3 years.Cannot have any criminal charges pending, or be on probation.

Don't Be Fooled

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